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re: Valkyria

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This is a well-rounded build that focuses on PvP and PvE. You should be focusing your build around PvP because PvE will be easy either way with the important skills that overlap.




Credit goes to for their amazing skill calculator.


Additional/optional skills you may want to take:


Lateral Slash (A or D left click) –Step to the side, spinning your sword and hitting in front of you. Small amount of mobility on this skill with more DP back when you hit enemies. It also knocks enemies further to the side as you put points in.


Sunder Light (Left + Right click) – Slash at enemies in an AOE in front of you. No CD and small DP cost.Great healing and critical chance as you raise this skill. I recommend either skipping it and losing out all a large amount of sustain or maxing it including the Pole: light splitting upgrade. This way, you get a knockdown with no cooldown that heals you, and, since you knocked the enemy down, you can continue hitting them to heal.


Breath of Elyon Beats (Shift + E) – I personally skip maxing this because the cooldown is long and the heal isn’t that great compared to Sunder Light’s sustain. Gives back a large amount of DP and some HP which makes it a great one point skill. Maxing it gives more HP, DP and a small movement speed boost for 10 seconds.


Shield Throw (S + Q) – Throw your shield, hitting in a large AOE and stunning enemies. Also spins enemies around. Maxing this gives you a ranged stun to catch up to people in PVP while the Rotating Shield upgrade allows you to hold it out for longer, dealing way more damage. It’s one of the best DPS skills and you will hate PvE without this. Highly recommend maxing but at LEAST one point is necessary for the ranged stun.


Light of Judgment – Rain down pillars of light to smite foes in front of you. The Black Spirit can be used to empower the skill and make it hit more times and in a greater AOE. This skill is fun to show off with but takes a hefty chunk of your DP. It’s not even that great of DPS compared to Condemning Sword or Shield Throw. It’s personal preference on getting this skill at all, one point, or even maxing it.


Spear of Light (W + Left Click when not in Defense Stance) – Stab forward, similar to Counterattack Definition but doesn’t recover your DP. Applies knockback but doesn’t keep your shield up like Counterattack Definition. I don’t recommend it unless you want 1 point for the knockback for PvP.


Kicks – Kick things. Great for PvP, not so great anywhere else. They don’t hit many enemies and there are less vulnerable ways to recover DP.


Holy Power (Shift + F) – Slam enemies to the ground in front of you. Great knockdown for PvP. Maxing it is a waste of points because there are better DPS skills with the same AOE. More points give up to 15% lower attack speed to enemies though, which is great unless they’re more reliant on cast speed. One point wonder.


Justice Rush (W + F) – Rush forward and stab. Great for closing or making gaps. Maxing it gives more distance and higher crit. It’s not really used for damage though. If you max it, max it for the distance in a PvP build. If you don’t plan on PvPing 100% of the time, I recommend 1 point.


Flash Sword (S + Left and Right Click) – Somewhat pulls enemies together in front of you with a slash. The damage is awful and it’s only good for comboing into Condemning Sword’s final hit. I regretted putting even 1 point into this.


Important Skill Combos:


Most Valkyrie combos revolve around holding down S the whole time. Seriously. You cannot combo with the action bar, these combos only work with the actual key combos. Condemning Sword’s last hit is your most powerful skill. I’ve seen geared Valkyries 1 shot people with the last hit but you have to know how to properly combo it first. To use the last hit where the giant sword falls down, you need to do 2 other skills first. This can be 2 Condemning Swords, 2 Flash Stance (please don’t) or many other more complicated options. Shield Throw also allows for some creative comboing.


Shield Throw > Heavenly Window (S + E) > Shield Throw – If you pull this off right you pretty much drop the spear from Heavenly Window the second you shield starts to return. This also works with the empowered Rotating Shield version on both throws. Combo works by holding down S and clicking Q > E > Q. So technically it’s S + Q > S + E > S + Q


Poles: Heavenly Window > Condemning Sword – With Poles: Heavenly Window you get to drop a second spear down every 15 seconds. Because this counts as 2 hits of a combo, Condemning Sword will instantly drop the third hit if it is after 2 “windows” AKA spears.


Counter Stance > Sky Strike > Condemning Sword – For some reason this combo works even though this isn’t the combo for Sky Strike. Sky Strike just works after Counter Stance for some reason. Hold S as usual and press Left Click > Right Click > Right Click. This is great to conserve DP by only taking 5 for Counter Stance and Sky Strike gives DP back.


Counterattack of Justice > Condemning Sword – This works by stabbing forward 2 or 3 times (don’t count the double stab at the beginning if you have the Flow: Sharp Counterattack) then switching from W + Left Click > S + Right Click. You will do another little hit before a Condemning Sword third hit.


Justice Rush > Rushing Slash > Counterattack of Justice – After Justice Rush (W + F) hold W + Left Click and you will transition into Counterattack of Justice stabbing. You can also add the Condemning Sword from the last combo onto this.


(Note: Any combo ending in Shield Throw gives you the option to instantly Shield Chase by pressing Shift.)


Advanced Skill Combos:


Now let’s take all of that info and put it into repeatable combos for kiting and wrecking. Valkyrie might not have the best mobility but we can kite other melees like crazy. Anything ending with Condemning Sword’s last hit combos into Shield Throw. Anything with Shield Throw in the combo lets you Shield Chase afterwards. So try a few of these.


Justice Rush > Rushing Slash > Counterattack of Justice > Condemning Sword > Shield Throw > Heavenly Window > Shield Throw > Shield Chase > Counterattack of Justice > Repeat


Shield Throw > Poles-upgraded Heavenly Window > Condemning Sword > Shield Throw > Shield Chase > Counterattack of Justice > etc.


Shield Throw > Poles-upgraded Heavenly Window > Condemning Sword > Shield Throw > Shield Chase > Justice Rush > Counterattack of Justice > etc.


Remember, Shield Chase can be used to go forward, sideways or backwards depending on your needs. This makes chasing ranged people/mobs a little easier.




For weapon, use the Yuria Sword or if you can afford it, Liberto (Liverto? Whatever, translations aren’t the best).


For your shield, I recommend the Vangertz Shield. This shield has a little damage and upgradeable defense. The main reason this is good is because it’s the best PvP shield in the game. It adds accuracy, evade, and damage reduction.


For armor, Neil Trees is always a great option. The extra HP and 2 sockets on each piece make it a great option for everyone who can afford it. For new players who have not increased their Strength stat yet (which I highly recommend starting ASAP. IT gives you extra DP which is invaluable) you could try out Tarotus. It’ll give you the DP boost you need to get through the lower and middle levels.


I am currently using Argerian (Agarian? Argarian? Translation differences as usual). I love the extra cast speed it provides and it gives the same HP as Neil Trees, tying first for the best HP set. If you’re not obsessed with cast speed and can afford it, just get Neil Trees.



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